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Author Topic: I ain't paying no stinking income tax to fund your bloody wars  (Read 4503 times)

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I ain't paying no stinking income tax to fund your bloody wars
« on: February 13, 2015, 01:06:19 AM »
You've got to love UK politics sometimes and their own provision to get legally round their own acts of parliament.

Notwithstanding the fact that there is no law requiring anyone to pay income tax - fact, there is another legal loophole you can employ to stop paying income tax.

For more on this, just click on the following links for more enlightening information:





P.S. I re-posted this into this section as I placed it initially into the wrong forum. I deleted the other one. Sorry about that.

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Re: I ain't paying no stinking income tax to fund your bloody wars
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2015, 08:41:13 PM »
As a tax payer for over 45 years I totally agree with you, however, who the hell do we vote in.
We have 3 months to decide from a set of buffoons who are more suited to star in an Indian comedy than rule the country.
How can these be the only candidates from over 35 million voting adults?
There are now over 20 million and rising pensioners, who have time and inclination to study politics.
Who do you vote for.
We are an Island community with a nationalistic pride the size of Jupiter, why don't we forget, 'the sun never sets over the empire' policy, and help all of our community benefit from what Denmark, Norway, Finland, Holland, and Switzerland take for granted. Look after number one!

You can tell it's quiet in the threads.
BUT, if you travel extensively, as I hope all aspire to on the Forum. You cannot but help notice we as Brits are totally lacking in a introspective attitude.
This country is falling to pieces whilst we bomb, (and help our allies, sorry not disclosing. There are stars and spangles in the air) the crap out of anyone that does not follow the party line.

Borders are closing, the world is shrinking in the not so dangerous places one can visit. What a shame you cannot tour Afghanistan on the magic bus for 60 squids anymore. Perhaps I was born in a era of magic and wonder, after the terrible trauma of the second war, to end all wars. Again.
(laughter in the cheap seats)

You must all fit out your intended van and travel, not procrastinate on thickness of insulation, water tank vol, toilet size, shower waterproofing, battery sizes ..ad infinitum, how many, how wired, swivel seats, and not forgetting, the all important, how thick the floor lining.
Get fitted, kitted and book your ferry and get out there.
There are so many adventures to pursue and they pursue you, if you go for it.

Hows that for airing views.
If not for you, then there are plenty of other Forums that want to indulge, in time wasting.
Most of those posting on here, I have noticed, are getting out there and want to help you follow. Use our knowledge and explore, it's exciting and you never know who you'll meet and what the next experience will be.
Go forth and prosper, I believe someones used that line before.  Patrick.


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Re: I ain't paying no stinking income tax to fund your bloody wars
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2015, 06:21:24 AM »
it's normally uncomfortable waking up from a deep sleep.

if you think about it. The indoctrination has been beautifully carried out. Not a peep from the masses, whilst the "very few" profit from the sweat equity of others.

Life should be about the journey rather than the destination. Ultimately, i suspect we're all searching for the "escape" from the gang-masters and those that wish to (and have effectively and very successfully) enslave us.

Moving on....  :)
Life is a journey. Make the most of it.

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Re: I ain't paying no stinking income tax to fund your bloody wars
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2015, 01:59:39 AM »
If you think you're blunt Patrick, I'm just holding back because the forum is new and I don't want to explode on the subject lest I put new visitors off.

Suffice to say this country is well and truly fk'ed up big time. Slavery very well may be abolished but the way recent governments have been running the show here, it's definitely very much alive still (slavery).

The problem with the UK is that this is a punishment culture and not a reward culture. If the government really stepped up to the plate and did the right thing for once, backing up and supporting their greatest asset (the people) in this country instead of beating them up all the time financially, this country with that kind of stewardship could really go places and we could all thrive as a direct result.

But no, it's nanny state Britain. They have to micro manage every aspect of our lives, they interfere in absolutely everything and when the slightest mistake is made, we get fined for it over and over and over and over again, so what you end up with is a population living in fear of the government rather than both working together to improve things all round. Hoping for improvement though is just wishful thinking with the choices currently on the table.

How about for a change we actually put the best qualified and experienced individuals into these positions of power instead of the bloody old boys network clowns we've suffered for too many decades? That might be a frickin start.

I despair of this country - I truly do. It is beautiful here and the people are brilliant (for the most part) but oh boy it's absolutely fucked this country economically  in it's current state and it can only get worse. The rich will just richer and the poor poorer. Like I said slavery is well and truly alive still in modern day Britain. I can't wait to get out of the UK and never come back again. I'm ashamed to say I'm from here nowadays.

The Victorians must be rolling over in their graves. I bet if they could escape they would too.