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Author Topic: To be continued.....  (Read 3392 times)


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To be continued.....
« on: February 03, 2015, 11:58:23 PM »
Hello all,
First off thanks for the invite Mike, looking forward to the forum and meeting new friends.
I'm also starting a new chapter in my life. Built my Stormin Norman back in 2011. White van to mother ship. Been all round Scotland and the islands since then even making it from Fife to France.
Anyhow now seperated awaiting divorce and just quit my job currently getting rid of all my furniture and excess belongings and move out of my rented house in 6 days time. A week after that I'm off to oz for a 4 month adventure. Gonna buy a wee van give it a basic fit out and hopefully be on the road by the start of March. My niece and her guy are over there doing the same so gonna catch up and share a few beers and laughs. Hoping to get up as far as the Whitsundays for a swim on the reef. Heading back down to Melbs sell the van and get back here end of June.
I'll then be living in Stormin Norman full time. Catch the summer up in Scotland then follow the swallows south for the winter. Not sure where yet Spain/Portugal/Morocco or even Greece thanks to Mike.
As i said, to be continued.....

Some phots of SN and me
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Be happy whilst yer livin, for yer a lang time deid.....


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Re: To be continued.....
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2015, 07:18:33 AM »
Sounds like you have got the next few years planned out Gee.  Well done and hope it all goes well.