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Author Topic: Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves :)  (Read 2318 times)

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Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves :)
« on: April 16, 2017, 12:22:41 PM »
Hi All!

My name is Phil, and my partner is Charlotte, our pooch is called Clara and to keep our introductions short and sweet we are currently preparing to travel! we are only just starting out, doing driving lessons and shopping for the perfect van! we are setting up a youtube channel to document our journey from working full time and hating life to what will hopefully be a grand adventure! any advice, tips or questions anyone has we would be happy to answer and hear :)


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Re: Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves :)
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2017, 12:11:37 PM »
Greetings & Welcome!

Get your current & future incomes sorted out first.

Don't believe all that cargo van stuff, windows make life much more enjoyable.

Toilets & showers make life much better.

Opening windows are better than roof vents, and not as likely to leak.  NEVER put any holes in your roof, they WILL leak! A fan in an open window is better ventilation anyway.  Try to get windows that tilt out at the bottom, they are as close to rain proof as you're going to get.

Solar panels and 12 volt fridges will never pay for themselves.  Isolators are cheap, more reliable and efficient.

Unvented propane for heat or cooking produces a LOT of moisture, but you should make sure you have adequate heating. (I use kerosene)

Make your bed as comfortable as possible, a good nights sleep means everything.

If you keep your kitchen & bathroom portable, they can used outdoors without duplication.  I can even move my futon sofa/bed outside if I like.  If you're boondocking, these options can be very attractive and convenient.

Adding insulation is of questionable value because you need constant ventilation, and it can also trap moisture and cause mold issues.  Insulation alone won't keep you comfortable, you still need heating and/or cooling equipment.  Moisture is your enemy, ventilation is your friend.

Carpeted floors are the coziest, and warmest in the winter.  They also add the best sound  insulation for a quieter ride, and breathability to keep the underlying floor dry.  I added a throw rug on top of mine for easy cleaning.

A cheap van, and an extremely cheap build can save you a ton a money.  Newer or more expensive does not equal more reliable or less future repairs needed.  I have less than $1500 in my van and the interior, and it has been trouble free for 10+ years.  (It's an early 80's Dodge Ram 15 passenger maxi-van w/ 318 engine)  My previous $20k Chevy Express van was a never ending money pit.  Whether it has been loved and maintained means everything, maintenance records mean nothing.  After buying that Chevy Express, which was okayed by one mechanic, a different mechanic determined that the records were bogus.  I believe that it is possible the first mechanic would have given it a thumbs down without those service records.  Private party vehicles frequently receive much better care and maintenance than commercial vehicles, regardless of whether they have paperwork or not.  Owners have a vested interest in their vehicles, employees drive them like they stole them.

Last but not least, make your van comfortable enough to hang out in for prolonged periods of time, because you will run into weather where you'll want to camp out inside.

Good Luck, and  I'll be looking forward to your blog!

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