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Just Joined-
« on: March 01, 2015, 06:10:07 PM »
Hi Everyone, My name is Peg and I just joined to track this amazing adventure that Mike has set out for himself. I give you huge kudos Mike!! I'm from Upper Northern California and own a successful Photography business. I'm also a Registered Veterinary Technician and own, handle & show Champion Bernese Mtn Dogs. We do all of our dog show travels out of our van and travel all over Calif. Canada, Nevada, Ariz & Oregon (And Beyond) to show our dogs. My Husband & I are "weekend warriors", for lack of better words, and live in our van with our show dogs. We kind of know what Mike goes through, on a limited basis, lol. My husband works as a Respiratory Technician. Reality returns M-F, lol, when we return home and our day jobs.  ;) Anyway, I'm excited to read Mike's updates & etc. I hope everyone has a GREAT week.  Peg~  :)  PS: Thank you Mike for allowing us to follow your amazing adventure!!

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Re: Just Joined-
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2015, 07:08:27 PM »
Hello Peg

Lovely to meet you lass.

Northern California eh? Up near Mt Shasta I take it then? A beautiful area, I love it all around there - it's just stunning. Yep I used to live in the States about a decade ago, I was based up in Orenco, Hillsborough, Portland, OR. We also had a little cottage down on the coast not far from Cannon Beach. Tillamook I loved especially.

I've traveled a lot of the western States - it's simply a stunning country. I just wish we had all of that wonderful space here in the British Isles where we're all crammed onto this ruddy 'little' island. You can't seem to go anywhere these days without running into other people here. I long for your wilderness type of countryside again.

Good to see you here btw. The more posters the merrier. Safe travels and give those dogs a big hug from me and tell them an old Celt from foreign shores loves them all to bits - they'll understand.



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Re: Just Joined-
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2015, 08:48:40 PM »
Hi Zorsmom, welcome aboard.
I stayed in the States for over a year awhile back, Did Frisco all the way down to LA and Baja along the coast. Great. Ended up at Mt Rose just outside Reno and Incline along Lake Tahoe. Until I got snowed in, pretty lonely up there unless you have a sno-mobile.