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Van Conversion / Splitting battery cable
« on: May 17, 2016, 07:05:08 PM »
So i have batteries with 16mm^2 cables, a couple of lights, fridge and an inverter (with 10mm^2 cables)  want to run from them and some solar panels with a charge controller to charge the batteries.

Now looking for different ideas and options for connecting the battery positive to all of the above. -The fuse boxes locally available do not have one input, you already need one input per fuse. So at some point i need to split the 16mm^2 cable into a bunch of smaller (im going with 2,5) ones and connect em to the fuse box.

Also the solar panels need to be connected, or rather, the charge controller needs to be connected.

My solar charger does not have a proper consumer output (only limited power for "AES" fridges) so cant do it like in the book and connect consumers from there.

So really what im asking is - whats your idea on achieving this if you dont have a nice fusebox with a single massive input. (Also this likely would not work for me as inverter is kinda overpowered also and needs thick cables, so it will likely need a separate strand with fuse)

Van Conversion / Gas installation
« on: November 22, 2015, 05:01:54 PM »

As I am considering purchasing a van in Germany early next year I started reading up on regulations regarding gas in vans. Seems there are a LOT of rules about storing the bottles in gas tight chamber, huge ventilation openings, for fillable systems opening has to be outside of living compartment, heat screens if installed under hob, no hoses (only metal pipes) allowed etc.

Im sure it will be similar within a large part of the EU, definitely Sweden (where im currently residing).

How have people coped with this? Can you get away with having a not built in cooker in order to avoid all that stuff? Do you just not care and accept void insurance in case of fire and risk of failed TÜV (MOT equivalent)?

Grateful for any pointers and ideas on this.

Van Conversion / Windowless vans - can they still be comfy?
« on: November 16, 2015, 10:43:10 AM »
So im looking into what kind of van to get for travelling between climbing destinations during spring and summer months.

Now - no window versions are more frequently available and I guess its also easier to stealth camp in them. However im wondering if you really do want windows for light and feeling of space? Will a can without windows just feel claustrophobic and closed in?

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