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Van Conversion / Sheep wool insulation
« on: May 04, 2018, 03:53:50 PM »
I just recently bought a 1995 chevy g20 conversion van and I am starting to gut the interior and plan how I want to build it. I was wanting an insulation that was ECO friendly and the brought me to sheep wool insulation. It is fairly new the in the vandwelling world but more and more people have started using it for some the benefits the wool has.
It has a relatively high R value, it is all natural and does not off gas, it cleans the air around it, it is naturally resistant to mold. It wicks and absorbs moisture off the walls while not feeling wet to the touch, it then releases the moisture in the air. It is also breathable so it will allow for ventilation.

It will be paired with Northern White Cedar walls which are water and mold resistant as well.

What are your opinions all wool insulation?

Links to builds/product info:

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