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Van Conversion / Re: cassette toilet in a transit?
« Last post by Rustbuss on April 23, 2017, 08:38:19 PM »
There probably is a size difference as Ford introduced the Jumbo on the "2000" models I'm guessing the smiley front's were SWB MWB and LWB and the transit LWB was slightly less long to encourage purchase of the Jumbo(if that makes sense) the Jumbo has a massive rear overhang if tat's what you're after
Van Conversion / cassette toilet in a transit?
« Last post by ecotrails on April 23, 2017, 11:09:03 AM »
Looking to build a camper van and my vehicle of choice due to budget will be an 03-06 mk6 LWB Transit.
In the past I did build a camper from an earlier model transit (probs 'smiley front') and can recall that I fitted a thetford cassette toilet at the rear in the shower area, behind the rear wheel arch with the emptying door in the passenger side panel.
Looking at the mk6 there does not seem to be enough room to do the above, am I correct does anyone know?
As an additional thought, would a porta potti be a better idea because you can throw it out the shower area to gain more space while showering?
Van Conversion / Re: BMW X3 conversion to camper van possible?
« Last post by Camper_Dan on April 21, 2017, 05:41:13 AM »
What's possible, and what's practical or comfortable, can be two very different things.

You didn't mention how many kids, or their size, or whether there might be a significant other along also.

Just try and make the best choices for the most fun and enjoyable camping trip possible.
Van Conversion / Re: BMW X3 conversion to camper van possible?
« Last post by Rustbuss on April 20, 2017, 09:23:10 PM »
Well anything is possible, take a look at Citroen Belingo type conversions
Common Room / Re: Hello all I am MrShoeShineMan
« Last post by Rustbuss on April 20, 2017, 09:20:45 PM »
Welcome MrShoeShineMan,

I have to agree that a window van is a much nicer thing to have for although reasons above plus if you did fancy cutting a hole it's not as easy as people suggest...well it's easy to cut a hole its just not very easy to stop leaks/rust in a used vehicle

I slept in my van as soon as I insulated it, before I had built anything into and it was freezing, I might as well have not bothered. Its not something I would bother with next time, I'll just ramp up the burner and get a thicker blanket

Don't be put off by lack of service history on a van, I carry out service and regular maintenance on my vehicles and I do it often and to a good standard but I keep no record. Likewise I run a fleet of delivery vans, these are serviced and inspected every 12 weeks but if I sold a van there would be no "service history" as such

All vehicles can have problems regardless of mileage age or history but I would avoid anything showing signs of rust. Welding is quite a skill and you will pay heavily for welding work, once rust starts you never really stop it, it just moves on to the next tasty piece of steel.

If going for a transit, I'd recommend a pre-2003ish 2.5DI but that's just my preference. If you are planning on travelling to Europe you may want to consider a French or German vehicle
Common Room / Re: Hello all I am MrShoeShineMan
« Last post by Camper_Dan on April 20, 2017, 04:49:26 AM »
Insulation won't last either all day or all night, so you still need at least heating, and at least a fan if not a 12 volt air conditioner.  I heat and cook with kerosene because it is cheaper and drier than propane.  I have a window van with no added insulation, and if the temperature dips below freezing, I run my heat all night long.  Where I winter it can remain below freezing, down to -40 or so, for months in a row.  Still my yearly heating/cooking fuel cost is usually $50-$60(USD).  Insulation couldn't keep me any more comfortable, and would take many many years just to pay for itself.  Insulation can also trap moisture and cause mold & rust problems.  Insulation only slightly slows the inevitable, because a vehicle has so much outside wall space compared to very little interior space.  It's your heating/cooling power that actually keeps you comfortable, not insulation.

When I had a panel van, it was a huge target for thieves, hoping they could get tools or other easy to sell items.  Since I switched to a window van, I have never had a break in, but in all fairness, I make it a priority to make sure nothing worth breaking in for is ever visable to anyone looking.  My laptop & valuables stay hidden from sight when not in use.  Only some clothes and bedding are obvious, so nothing of any immediate interest to thieves.  Window vans aren't normally associated with anything thieves want any way.  Life's a gamble, but you can play the odds.  So far window vans have been the best winners for me.

Can't help, I'm currently in the USA...

Check on the laws and availability of LPG wherever you expect to travel.  LPG might have some screwy laws, or be hard to find in some areas.

Also check to see if it can actually be run on petrol without the need to be a mechanic to convert it back. 

Good Luck & keep us posted!
Van Conversion / Re: BMW X3 conversion to camper van possible?
« Last post by Camper_Dan on April 20, 2017, 04:15:13 AM »
Greetings and Welcome!

With kids, I think I'd suggest tent camping.  Just more comfortable when you have more people than will comfortably be able to sleep in a vehicle.

I have very fond memories of tent camping when I was a kid, and then you'll have plenty of room for the gear to make it extra special.

Just prepare and have clothes for any type of weather, and you should have a blast!

Hi there, I am an Essex man and I plan to travel down to chichester tomorrow afternoon to check out a van. I am unable to get any of my friends to come with me at present so thought I would ask if anyone is available in the area to assist with checking it over?

It is a petrol LWB Hi-top transit with an LPG conversion.

If you are able to lend a hand I would be hugely appreciative so get in touch if you can :D
Common Room / Re: Hello all I am MrShoeShineMan
« Last post by MrShoeShineMan on April 19, 2017, 01:11:35 PM »
Thanks for the tips there Camper_Dan much appreciated advice. I plan to live full time in my van so is insulation a concern with a lot of windows? I will also be taking my graphics tablet so that extra level of security with a panel van is something I am considering.
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