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Author Topic: VW T4 High Top Conversion  (Read 3378 times)


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VW T4 High Top Conversion
« on: May 10, 2017, 09:23:52 AM »
Hi guys, I've just started to convert a VW T4 High Top from a bog standard panel van to campervan, I'm trying to document as much of the conversion process as possible to show both the effort I'm putting in to the conversion and also to maybe help others who want to do similar jobs but want to see videos before starting, so I've made a youtube channel and am uploading all the conversion videos to there but thought I'd post some up on here too incase they are of use to anyone so here it is from the first job to my current progress.  I can't see how to post videos to the forum so I have provided links to the videos of each job:

Foil lining all the bare panels

After foil lining comes Celotex insulation

I then fit a 28cm skylight in the high top roof

Some of the ply flooring weas starting to show its age so a replacement sheet was fitted:

Bubble foil insulation is then laid on the new ply flooring

I then insulate the high top with more bubble foil

And proceed to lay down Altro safety flooring

The high top had no headlining at all so I had to make some from scratch:

Then comes the brave decision to fit an opening window on my own:

I need a break from the sliding door so I make an overhead storage locker:

Then back to the sliding door to carpet around the window, carpet all visible metalwork and fit a rubber seal to ensure it all stays dry:

And thats the progress made to date