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Title: Insulation
Post by: deborah on November 14, 2015, 02:46:16 AM
We're about to start converting our van (2003 toyota hiace commuter). Just wondering if it's worth insulating the inner walls, as so much area is taken up by the windows (see pic).  Any thoughts/ideas from anyone who may have a camper with the same window set up or any idea about this would be much appreciated :)
PS. we live (and will be mostly using the van) on the Australian NSW South Coast, which is means for the most part quite mild temps (rarely below 5 deg C at night in winter and rarely above 35 deg C on summer days).
Thanks :)
Title: Re: Insulation
Post by: scottdimelow on November 14, 2015, 01:33:51 PM
Hi Deborah, in your case I'd be more worried about keeping out the heat. I think I'd try and  add some insulation, it has to help.

Maybe use reflective film on the windows to minimise the greenhouse effect?

Title: Re: Insulation
Post by: Tai-chi wanderer on November 14, 2015, 07:15:32 PM
Hopefully the van is a light colour, pref: white, dark colours are a no, no, in hot climates.
Also insulate with Kingspan, not only for the cold but to keep out the heat.
Try touching an un-insulated ceiling in the mid-day sun, tre blistering.
Title: Re: Insulation
Post by: Jaccas on November 14, 2016, 07:14:31 PM
Hi, what kind of kingspan insulation should you use for a van - sorry this might be a total newb question. They don't have anything van specific and there are a ton of different kinds to chose from http://www.kingspaninsulation.co.uk/ Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Insulation
Post by: cooperdjm on December 03, 2016, 02:24:08 AM
Insulation is vital in a van, but don't think that it will keep you warm or cool, on a cold night or a hot day, That kind of insulation would leave little room left for you in the van.

That said I highly recommend getting it. It will only slow down the inevitable, either for heat or cold. One thing insulation will do is make the van quieter on the inside.

To deal with Heat, you need insulation + Airflow. I have a fantasticFan vent in the roof of my van + the roof is painted white. The effect on the lowering internal temp was impressive without insulation. (I converted the van in summer in LA)

Cold, unfortunately, is an all-pervasive pest. The cold air has 360degree access to your vehicle, sides, top, front, back and most important the underneath. So floor insulation is important. You want as little exposed metal inside the van as it is here condensation will become a problem. And good insulation with a heater will make for some very cosy nights.

Title: Re: Insulation
Post by: Camper_Dan on December 03, 2016, 07:23:32 AM
Insulation is way over rated and over hyped.  Lots of heating and cooling power will get you a lot farther than insulation, and in my case a lot cheaper too.  Sun in the winter, and shade in the summer, works far better than insulation.

I upgraded from an insulated cargo van to an un-insulated stock passenger window van, and have never been happier.  Everything about it is better and easier, including heating, cooling, and ventilation. 
Title: Re: Insulation
Post by: Roger 68 on December 27, 2016, 11:13:00 AM
I put wool insulation in the wall cavities and put a carpeted wooden floor over the original one.. Dyno Mat sound insulation went in everywhere I could get to including in the doors. They made a huge difference to the noise in the van and the flat wooden floor is much nicer than the corrugated metal floor, especially to kneel on. However, what has made the biggest difference for temperature insulation are the block out curtains. Before I made the curtains, it was like sleeping next to an open fridge. The heat just gets sucked out.