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Title: Temporary/removable conversions?
Post by: tym_esq on December 03, 2016, 07:47:49 PM
Hello all,

Brand new forum-member here. I've been doing some research on the web about converting vans. There is something I've been searching for but can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Does anybody know of, or has done, a temporary or removable conversion? What I'm picturing is something like sections of the interior of the camper aspect that can be taken in or out so that the van can be utilized as a passenger van while not being used for camping. Obviously this set-up wouldn't be as nice as a permanent set-up but something like this would work much better for my family!

Title: Re: Temporary/removable conversions?
Post by: Camper_Dan on December 04, 2016, 02:56:24 AM
A futon style sofa/bed can just be moved in, and so can plastic drawers topped with a wood shelf to make a good kitchen counter top.  Add a camp stove for cooking & heating, dollar store dishpans for sinks, spray bottles for water delivery, an ice chest, and a portable toilet and you're good to go.

Air beds, cots, and even patio furniture can also be used for beds, as well as foam camping mats on the floor.  Nothing -needs- to be built in, and if it's kept portable it can be used inside or out too.  They also have easily portable solar showers, or you could DIY something like a weed sprayer shower.  Still portable, but neither require any power.

Head lamps and solar powered lanterns work great for lights, along with good old fashioned kerosene lanterns available at walmart for under $10.  You can run kerosene, diesel, or lamp oil in them, whatever is handiest.

I'm a full timer, but I still keep everything portable so I don't need duplicates if I want to do my cooking & cleaning outside for instance.  You do want the ability to do everything inside too though, in case the weather turns nasty.

Let me know if you need more...
Title: Re: Temporary/removable conversions?
Post by: kryten on December 04, 2016, 06:32:14 PM
ScudoCamper did a removable conversion. He attached the kitchen unit to the side on his van using quick release clips so that the entire kitchen unit could be slid out. Check out his videos, the Scudo van build videos are several years old so you will have to search for his early videos.