Post festival highs — one thing leads to another

I love how one thing leads to another. I love when you know you don’t need to plan. You know something else will just come up. You meet people, and do something together. You meet more people through them and do something else… You realise everyone knows everyone! Everything flows. Maybe this marks the end […]

Carpark cooking: Buda Bin Jar Jam

There’s a ripe plum tree right near the van. We filled a bag. The next day Finn found a box full of jars in a near by bin along with cinnamon (the secret ingredient). How did that happen? All that is left is to make some hand drawn labels. I hope you enjoyed this episode […]

How we got into Ozora Festival for free

We drove 100Km from S.U.N festival (Hungary) to Ozora, one of Europe’s best psychedelic tribal gatherings. We had no tickets and no money to buy any tickets. The next 24 hours was a full on roller coaster of ups and downs. A crazy day I’ll never forget… (Scroll right down for photos) Here’s how we […]

Spot of the month – July… and June

Location: The magical valley of Csobánkapuszta, Bercel, Hungary coordinates: N47 53.462 E19 27.438 After a few km of bumpy dirt track I arrived in S.U.N land – home of the S.U.N festival. I stayed for a month to help set up the festival. What a party! I arrived in June and stayed till the end […]