9 reasons you will get hooked on Hungary

It was June when a reader of this blog told me about the SUN festival in Hungary (thank you!). All of a sudden I was taking pictures of leaves on the ground. I’d unintentionally spent the full summer in Hungary. See one thing leads to another Here’s to a massively underrated country – 10 reasons you will […]

Carpark cooking: Really nice Chai Tea

This Chai Tea is so good! I learned how to make it whilst working on the SUN festival camp in Hungary. 1. crush up cloves, ginger, pepper, cinnamon and cardamom. Boil for 10 mins 2. Add tea bags (one for each person). Leave 5 mins 3. Add sugar and milk Here’s how to make your […]

A day in the van – A 2 minute video

The last few weeks in the van with Finn have just fully revolved around music. It’s exactly how I always wanted every day to be: making weird music, sharing new music and messing about on new instruments I can’t play. I teach Finn some Ableton and he teaches me music theory. I filmed for a […]

6 months of living in my van

I cannot really sum up the last 6 months in words. But I will say that at the moment, living in a van is the perfect life for me — Read 10 things I had to quickly get used to whilst living in a van. I cannot go back to a house any time soon. […]

living in a van – 10 things I’ve had to quickly get used to

Some adaptations were needed when transitioning from house to van. After living in my van for 6 months, here are 10 things I had to quickly get used to: 1. The dark I came from the city. I forgot how dark actual dark is. Camping in the woods in a foreign country, on my own and […]