15 ‘different’ photographs by the Black Sea

I’ve spent the past week or so travelling down the Black Sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria. No one is here. It’s great… I’ve free camped the stretch of this coast, parking the van right on the beach in most places. It’d be good to stay longer but there’s like a constant storm going on […]

Living in a van – Where to go for winter?

I didn’t really plan this. I didn’t know I’d be in Eastern Europe at this time of the year. I didn’t even know if I’d still be in the van. It’s definitely too cold now here in Bulgaria to sleep well. It’s time to drive somewhere warmer. I guess Greece it is? It’d be good […]

Exploring the rooftops of Bucharest

I don’t really enjoy the tourist stuff. I’d rather see what is down that little alley, check out that abandoned hospital or maybe climb through this window onto a 14-storey rooftop. I mean, I can see it all from up here anyway. Here’s how you can do fun stuff for free in a foreign city […]

In the mountains. Looking for bears… and castles

There are about 5000 brown bears living in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. After seeing a bear cross the road the other night during a night-time drive down a mountain (see transfagasan pass post), I wanted to see more. I spent the next 3 days touring the Piatra Craiului Mountains and the Parcul Natural Bucegi […]

The best road in the world? – driving the Transfagarasan mountain pass

I’m not really into roads and cars. And I don’t really listen to what that Jeremy Clarkson has to say. But driving this road through these Mountains is pretty exhilarating – even in a van. This is the Transfagersan mountain pass in Romaina The road closes for the winter on the 1st of October and reopens mid […]