Living in a van – a Christmas to remember

Have we been doing Christmas wrong all these years?… My family came to Athens. We spent Christmas day on the beach. It was the best yet! Here’s what I don’t need for a good Christmas: Christmas crackers Television Loads of food, chocolate, meat and alcohol Presents, loads and loads endless presents To rush and stress The […]

Making money whilst travelling – my first time busking

Busking is such a convenient and accessible way to make money whilst travelling, and anyone can do it! I think I’ve put busking off for two reasons: 1. I haven’t really dared to do it, and 2. Is juggling even impressive any more? We went onto the streets of Athens, Christian on guitar (see his […]

One simple way to get free food whilst travelling

10 months into my travels and I continue to be amazed by what is possible when it comes to getting free food… Saturdays and Wednesdays are market days. Someone shouts, “market mission! Lets gooooo” We race down the hill on our bikes to catch the end of the market at 2pm. How do we get […]

Partying in a squatted theatre

There’s a guy in Athens who rides two bikes stacked on top of each other with a double bass strapped to the front. Have you seen him? We met him whilst busking on the streets (see post). He told us about a party in an old squatted theatre, in the neighbourhood of Psiri. This is […]

Welcome to the Jedi Academy!

I’m at this place where amazing things just happen naturally – like all of the time. It’s on top of a big hill in an old cafeteria, just outside of Athens… We’re all outside on the terrace of the Jedi Academy at 8am in December, with a full view of the glaring sunrise over the […]

What camera do I use?

Everything you see on this blog is through this camera. I used it every day for the van conversion and for the past 10 months of travelling on the road. I couldn’t be without it. People often ask what camera I use, so I thought I’d answer with a blog post… What camera am I using? […]

7 steps to the perfect travel camera

I like this camera (see post on what camera I use), but a few small modifications were needed to make this the perfect camera for travelling with… Here are 7 things I did to make this the perfect travelling camera: (The last one is the the most useful) 1. Blank out unused features There’s nothing worse than […]

17 pictures from my bike ride in Athens – and an abandoned airport

It’s one of the oldest cities in the world, home of the Olympic games, proper maths and pretty much everything. Athens is one cool city… I’ve been in here for the past week. I’ve parked the van in a pretty luxurious free-camping spot at the marina with the big boats and yachts – it’s perfect – […]