Living in a van – surviving winter

It’s a bit more difficult to live in a van during the winter when it’s colder… Alright, it’s not that bad, but it did snow the other day here in Athens, Greece! So here are 6 things I’ve been doing to make winter more comfortable: 1. Van preparation Keeping the van watertight is important. I […]

Thanks for sharing – vandog went worldwide!

You probably already know that one of my missions whilst I’m travelling around is to make this blog actually work. I want to make it good! I think I should share with you, from time time, how things are going with it. So that’s what this post is. I also want to thank you for […]

Van conversion products: van preparation

Here are the products I used and recommend for preparation stages of my van conversion. Note: these are affiliate links, which means you’ll be helping me if you buy using these links. Thank you! Hammerite under body seal Gives heavy duty protection to the areas underneath of your vehicle that are prone to corrosion. I […]

Meet Christian – and his DIY fold up travel guitar

The night I arrived at the Jedi Academy (see post), I joined a circle of people gathered around a guy, who was assembling a guitar under the light of a candle. Christian converted his acoustic guitar into something that can fold up, and also be used as a suitcase for his clothes. He attaches it […]

The Greek island of Santorini is simply stunning – here’s why

The island of Santorini, Greece, is the result of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history… I left the van in Athens and took an 8-hour boat ride with my family to check it out… This island is well known for it’s spectacular sunsets, fascinating geological history and stupidly expensive cups of tea. […]

Living in a van – 14 best bits of 2014

I just scrolled through the photos from this past year. My heart quickens and I get that weird feeling in my stomach… This year, living and travelling Europe in my van, has been an incredible journey and adventure So many good things have happened this year, it’s hard to put best bits into a short […]