I met a girl from the comments

I met up with a reader of this blog in Athens a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been hanging out a bit – see post on 10 days living in a flat. You may see more of her on here soon so maybe I should introduce her… Marti likes: the universe, science, animals, music and photography Marti doesn’t […]

Servicing the van and Preparing for the next chapter

After over 10k miles of road, its time to give the van some attention – things need to be checked over and things need to be fixed. This is important for staying on the road so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to in preparation for the next chapter… 1. Change oil and […]

How to change your engine oil and filter

There comes a time when you have to change your own oil. I guess it’s part of growing up… This post goes over how to change the oil and filter in your van or car. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but it is a bit messy. Before I started, I gave my van a really good […]

The best things are never planned

My favourite thing about travelling are these small, weird and random moments that you can never anticipate or plan for. Much of it is so subtle and personal that It makes it difficult to show through a blog post… But I’ll try anyway… Here are 7 photos from the other day. This is kind of inspired by lucid dreams and unreliable […]

How to grease the kingpins on your campervan

The kingpin (aka swivel pin) is the pivot in the steering mechanism of a vehicle. This component takes a fair amount of stress and can wear out quickly if not regularly greased. This post goes over how I grease the kingpins on my LDV Convoy van, but the following method applies to pretty much all vehicles with kingpins. […]

Living off the grid in the hills of Greece

I’m at the end of a long dirt track, at an off-grid eco-community in the hills of Greece. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now. Let me show you around… Like living in a van, this is another tie cut from what you may call ‘normal life’. It’s independence – doing things yourself, […]