A tour of Plitvička national park, Croatia in 10 photos

This is largest national park in Croatia. It covers an area of 185 sq. miles. This place is well known for it’s 16 cascading lakes and dramatic waterfalls. I also went to the Krka national park – see this post Here’s my tour of the Plitvicka national park in 10 photos. Ready? Let’s go down here […]

Pag island, Croatia – in 6 photos

Pag island looks interesting on the map – in satellite view. It’s a different colour (really white) to the surrounding land. I went to see… I suddenly felt like I was in a different country. The landscape, weather and colour. It all changed. It’s rocky There aren’t many people But there are loads of dirt […]

Krka National Park, Croatia – in 7 photos

Croatia has 8 national parks, covering an a total area of 384 sq. miles. I went to 2 of them: Krka and Plitvička (see this post). Let me show you some of the Krka national park in 7 photographs… Over the water and through the forrest Along the Krka River Home to 18 different species of […]

The bottle cap camping shower by Matt

Thanks to Matt for this one… Last time I visited mike I brought him out a solar shower – the black bags you fill with water and heat under the sun (this). But here’s a new shower that is even more compact and simple, and doesn’t break! You can make this in 30 seconds and […]

The biggest lake in the Balkans and trying to row to Albania

This was the plan: Get inflatable boat Get music Row to Albania It didn’t work. The lake was much bigger in real life. The sun went down. It was too windy From end to end this lake is just under 50km – it’s the biggest lake in the Balkans. This is Lake Skadar in the […]

From Van to Home ebook available now

Alright, here it is. This is what I’ve spent the past few months doing: my first book, From Van to Home: how I made an old rusty van into my cosy off-grid home. A complete van conversion guide. This has been quite a lot of work and I’m really proud of it. So if you want to […]

A tour through Montenegro in 9 photos

From Kosovo to Montenegro in the van. Here’s a tour through the country in 9 photos… 1. Across the border 2. The first sunset 3. The first village 4. Nice driving 5. Through the really green mountains 6. To a lake 7. And the coast 8. To this town 9. One last swim before Croatia […]

Here’s the ebook release date

Alright. We’re getting really close now to the ebook being available (see book announcement post if you haven’t already). The release date is the 15th of June. What’s in the book? Here’s a screenprint of the contents: Thanks for all the help and encouragement It’s been really good to hear from people who have also done […]

Announcement: book coming soon

The reason I’ve been fairly quiet over the past 4 months is because I’ve been working on a book, ‘From Van to Home’. If you want to make a van into your home, this is for you. What is the book about? A detailed walk-through of everything I did to transform that old rusty van […]