He lives in a tent and makes guitars – catching up with Christian

Remember over winter in Athens when I met Christian who travelled Europe on a bike with his DIY fold up guitar? – see this post I need to show you what he’s up to now, 9 months later. Me and Finn were in Leipzig and went to visit him. He’s an inspiration… He left a […]

2 weeks of Vanlife by a river in Czech Republic

I love how a nice group of people can just randomly build up from nowhere. You spend a couple of amazing weeks together and then you all go separate ways with memories that will carry on right through the winter. So I want to share 12 photos of these past 2 weeks spent in Czech Republic, by a […]

Breaking down and fixing it – how I changed the alternator in a carpark

Breaking down. It’s the main thing I worry about. I don’t have breakdown cover, I can’t speak any other language, a mechanic is expensive and, well, this is where I live. After 15 months on the road the van finally broke down in the Czech countryside. It turned out to be a faulty alternator – […]

Searching for Techno in the Czech countryside

There’s a party. Many big soundsystems from around Europe will come to link up. It’s gonna be a good one. We drove 350 miles and got there 4 days later. The party had finished but we just caught the end of the last soundsystem. So here are 10 photos of me and Finn getting to the party […]

15 photos of Poland’s huge free festival – Woodstock 2015

Poland has a massive free festival every summer that’s been going for 21 years. It’s called Woodstock Poland. We took an 80km drive from Berlin to the town of kostrzyn on the German/Poland border to have a look. Here are our 4 days in 15 photos: I picked up Finn in Berlin, plus one hitchhiker by the road […]

Meet the neighbours – a vanlife band from Italy

I thought I’d show you a bit more of the street I’m staying on in Berlin (see my bike ride in Berlin post here), and introduce some of the neighbours… This is the street I’m living on in the centre of Berlin But behind the vans… Here are the neighbours A 4 piece band from Italy […]