18 reasons I’ll come back to Morocco

I’ve never felt more welcome in a country, I’ve never felt more unwelcome in a country. Morocco. Here are 18 reasons I’ll be back: Also see: 3 months in morocco by campervan – Here’s what I did 1.The music I’ve never heard such an interesting mix of styles and instruments. The music is heavily ingrained into […]

3 months in morocco by campervan – Here’s what I did

I got to Morocco in my van and wanted to leave after one week. But then I just totally lost track of time and before I knew it my 3 month visa was up and I didn’t want to leave. Here’s what I did travelling Morocco in my van (and a round up of the Morocco […]

25 things to know before you come to Morocco

Morocco is just 8 miles away from Europe but it feels like thousands. It’s a completely different culture to Europe – that’s why I came here – and It took me a while to get used to. Here are 25 things that might be useful to know before coming to Morocco – there are probably […]