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Driving a van through the mountains of Greece – avoiding tolls

Greece has tolls roads. They’re expensive. I wont go on about it.

But to get from Thessaloniki (North of Greece) to Athens would cost over 60 euros on the toll roads – 3 times more for a van.

The woman at the tollbooth commented on how nice the tree is that’s coming out of my dashboard and suggested I take an alternative route to the toll roads. She spent 5 minutes doing a drawing and explaining where to go because the road wasn’t on my satnav. It took 10 miles for me to get lost.

I recommend ditching the toll roads if your in a campervan though. The mountain roads are way more fun.

Now time for photos. Name of this set is:

I like the mountains. I like it when…

you’re the only one on the road
you run all the way to the top to try and capture what you’re seeing
the sun clips the edge of the rock
it beams through a break in the clouds and creates that huge contrast of light on the trees
the way the rocks move against the horizon when you walk
you look so close that it looks like something so big far away
you arrive at your destination at sunset. It by far exceeds all the expectations that you didn’t even have anyway

I’m now parked up by the coast, just a few km west of Athens. Even locals are swimming in the sea. I just hope it stays a little bit like this through winter because I probably wont be going much further south.