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Berlin has an abandoned airport. It’s now a park

Berlin has some great parks. They all do different things. But this one is definitely worth checking out.

At the end of a tree-lined neighbourhood street in Berlin…

There is an old airport

But it’s now a public park

With a 6km jogging and cycling trail

A place to practice the drums

Or just… lay about

 A space of over 7.5 square kilometres!

With two 2km asphalt runways

And a terminal building spanning 1.6km in length – one of the worlds largest

He used to work here

The locals have built communal gardens

It’s really nice

But I also like the airfield look

A good place to test out your motorised skateboard

Or your kite powered wheelchair

Whilst taking these pictures I bumped into a guy I met in the street the week before… so we went to a party in the woods – see this post.