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Vanlife: Hanging out in Taghazout – 14 photos of Morocco’s best known surf town

I Nearly forgot I was in Morocco. Taghazout is a small fishing village on the west coast of Morocco but It’s full of people from all over the world – it’s pretty much run by surf culture. Whether you surf or not, it’s a nice place out hang out.

After being in Sidi Kaouki for 3 weeks (see here) I went to Taghazout with a couple of hitchhikers I picked up. And then I went again with my friend, Leah. Let me show you…

I picked up these two hitchhikers

We went to Taghazout

And chilled in a boat

Taghazout is well known for its surfing

People come here from all over the world for the waves

They can be pretty big

This woman sits here with her headphones. The waves crashing in front of her. This woman is cool.

And then I picked Leah up. She is also cool

We surfed

And bumped into Mona, a friend from last summer

Here’s the beach in front of the town looking south

and looking north

And the locals. Doing what locals do

Where to park and camp in a van

There are some great places to park long the beach but police no longer let you stay the night there. It’s like this with most of the tourist areas on the coast of Morocco. I parked in the town just opposite the mosque. You can stay the night here no problem after paying the guardian 10MAD (1euro). For a more quiet spot (but unguarded) you can go up the hill.

After here we went to Tafraoute. See this post: The valley of the vans in Tafraoute Morocco