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Van tour: the 10 day campervan

I met this couple painting their van in a field. They’d just finished converting it into their full time home. It took them just 10 days!

Meet Gavin, Rose and their baby daughter, Jhonah. An off-grid family living in the UK, running a sustainable clothing company, Dairy Clothing LTD, from their van.

This is their home

It took them 10 days to make

It’s a Ford Transit dormobile. 2.5 DI.

It was a 10 seater minibus

They spent 3 days in B&Q carpark


All of the electronics cost £400. That includes a 165W panel, Harvest controller, 600W inverter, battery and connectors/wires.

110Ah battery and volt sensing charging relay

This is charged by solar and also when the engine is running using the VSR.

Fold out sofabed

And separate cot


They use wood for heating

Because it has a log burner

The cost?

£2500 all done with service – thats the van and conversion. Nice one.
I hope this inspiration for people who want to do the van thing but are on a budget and have little time. If Gav and Rose can do it whilst looking after their baby and running a business, you can too!

Congrats to them. If you see them on the road say hi.

Dairy Clothing – their business

They make custom clothes from climate neutral organic cotton and fabric that is going to waste. One and a half million tons of fashion waste goes to landfill every year. Colour and sustainability is what they’re about.
Their website:
Instagram: @dairyclothing – more build pictures on there
Thanks to Gav and Rose for showing us their new off-grid home. What do you think? Share if you like this camper. Leave comments and questions below – I always read them

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