Europe POI download (standard GPX format)

There’s many great POI resources scattered around the net but the main problem compatibility – with all the different file types and formats. Everyone uses different software and devices.

A solution is the .gpx format which is an attempt to standardise GPS data and it does seems to work well.

The best resource I have seen for Europe POIs is from Adam and Sophie’s motorhome blog. It probably has all the up to date POIs you’ll ever need but the only problem is that it is only offered in MS Autoroute format (.axe). Autoroute is a great mapping program but I’m on a Mac and I’m also a bit reluctant to buy any more software if I can help it.

I have converted this great collection of POIs into standard .gpx files (GPS Exchange Format 1.1) – See downloads below.

I hope this helps out all the campers who don’t have Autoroute or are on a Mac… or maybe you’d just like more flexibility with the POIs offered on the Europebycamper blog.


I wont repeat information that is already given on the EBC blog so I’ll get to the good part:

With the gpx files below you can import to most devices and programs or convert using the free RouteConverter program (for Mac & PC). You can download all at the bottom of this list or take your pick from individual POI files:

2014 – Aires Camping Farm.gpx

2014 – Bordatlas-de.gpx

2014 – CamperContact-nl – Service Point Only.gpx

2014 – CamperContact-nl Aires-Overnight.gpx

2014 – CamperContact.gpx

2014 – Campsites Aires Accepting Campers.gpx

2014 – Campsites with Services.gpx

2014 – Designated Motorhome Overnight Parking.gpx

2014 – LIDL Europe.gpx

2014 – Motorhome Parking.gpx

2014 – Motorhome Service Points.gpx

2014 – myLPG-eu – LPG Stations.gpx

2014 – Parking Areas Tolerating Motorhomes Overnight.gpx

2014 – Service Point Only.gpx

2014 – Womo-SP-org Wild Camping.gpx

2014- Motorhome Aires & Services.gpx

McDonalds (for free WiFi).gpx


I’ve been using these POI files for the past 6 month with THIS SATNAV: GARMIN NUVI with Full Europe Maps and it works great, but let me know if you have any problems in the comments below.

Remember, you’ll need to have full Europe maps on your satnav to benefit from this download.

Have fun!

Update 5/10/2014: Check out my campervan track across Europe and current location

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