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Exploring Essaouira – 33 photos of this amazing town on the west coast of Morocco

Someone said I must go to Essaouira, so I went. I didn’t know it was meant to be this kind of hippy place where Jimi Hendrix came in ’69 and stayed for 2 years… or something? I don’t know. There’s loads of stories round here.

So let me show you Essaouira – in 33 photos. I really tried to narrow this down to just a few photos but it was difficult. This is one photogenic town!

Essaouira is about 180km from Marrakech

It’s pretty much just one road from Marrakech, west, straight to the coast. See this post: Marrakech by van – 14 photos and a sound recording

It’s a fortified town on the West coast of Morocco

It has a busy fishing port

There is a kind of mystical feeling about this place

And this guy is not a statue… or a street performer

They filmed some of The Game of Thrones here

Here’s a rooftop view

Let’s go into the medina

This is the main market street

There’s nice food everywhere!

You can buy freshly caught fish at the docks

And have it cooked on a nearby bbq

This is a shoe repair shop

I reckon he can repair ANY shoe

Here’s a street just on the inside of the medina wall

Some of the streets are like they from the set of a film

Now lets go to the beach

You’ll see camels

And horses

just… galloping down the beach as the sun sets

You can walk a few km down the beach to the next village, Diabat

There is a point during every sunset where all the birds take off

There’s always this mist coming off the sea

Diabat where the Jimi Hendrix cafe is

Back to the beach. Cello practice!

Then I met this crew

They stay in The Pirate’s Zion Hostel – check this place out if you want to meet cool people and stay in a nice place near to Essaouira

They ride around in this

The guy, Abel, made this mobile trike home with his friend. He travelled around morocco in it. He calls her ‘Christina’ – “let’s go to town in Christina’. Thanks for showing me round Abel 🙂

This is where I camped

I stayed in this nice quiet spot in Diabat (near the river and beach) just a couple of km down the road from Essaouira. Coordinates: N31 28.985 W9 45.988

I really like Essaouira. It’s friendly and relaxed and seems to attract loads of good people from all over the world – long term travellers, free spirits, surfers, musicians. The locals are also ace! There’s just a nice atmosphere here. After one week I wasn’t able to go into the town without seeing people I’d met in previous days.

It’s quite different to Marrakech. I could live here.

Oh yeah and In summer there is a Gnaoua world music festival which sounds amazing. I can’t not come back here.

Have you been here? what did you think? share experience, tips and whatever in the comments…

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