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Exploring The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco – and access by van

After meeting my family In marrakech (and the van breaking down – see Breaking down in Morocco) we spent the new year in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

We drove to the mountain village of Imlil which is a starting point for many hiking routes, including the route to Toubkal – the highest mountain in North Africa at 4167m.

This was a really good way to spend new years day. So here are 18 photos (one is a map) of new years day walking in the mountains with my family:

We all got in the van and drove to the mountains

Through a valley to the village of Imlil – 60km south of Marrakech

We parked up and walked took a 15 minute walk up the Riad

We all stayed in a Riad for the new year. There are no roads to this place (Dar Adrar) so we left the van in the village and walked the winding footpath up the valley

Donkeys carry pretty much everything round here

There are many Berber villages round here, built up the sides of the valley’s hills

We walked up through the stone paved streets

And took this route through this mountain pass

We’re nowhere near the top

This is maybe about half way up

A normal walk for the locals…. and donkeys

There’s a guy selling drinks in a hut

but he only had hot tea left

To got to the peak of Tasserimoute

This is looking north towards Marrakech

Happy new year!

Time to go back down… after some rock balancing

And some self balancing

Alright that’s enough

We should get back before sun set

If you’re in Morocco and want to do some hiking (from casual to serious) then Imlil is a good place to start and it’s easily accessed from Marrakech. Just head for there and you can get all the other information in the village.

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