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Exploring the North West of Spain by van

I got the ferry to Santander from the UK (see my video on leaving the UK) and spent 11 days exploring this North West bit of Spain, finishing in the north of Portugal.

So let me take you on my journey – in 20 photos:

1. San Vicente del la Barquera

I camped by the beach in this bay area with view of the stone bridge and mountains behind the town

2. To the mountains and glacial lakes

Just amazing. Have a look at my post on The glacial lakes of Northern Spain

3. And along the north coast

Most of these roads have really good scenery. It’s nice to avoid the main roads sometimes and take it easy – often with better views as well.

4. The town of Foz

The beach is huge and the sunset behind the mountains was cool

5. A Coruna

I stayed on this peninsula bit with a view of this lighthouse. It’s the Tower of Hercules – an ancient roman lighthouse, the oldest existing lighthouse in the world!

6. A day in Santiago

Nice city with nice streets, students and big cathedral. Mostly known for being the destination for Way of St. James pilgrimage.

I sat and watched…

7. In the morning I went across to the west coast

This was A Illa de Arousa – an island with a road to it

There are loads of nice bays and beaches all along this bit of coast

Not many people this time of year

8. And then along this peninsula/island

There’s a big hill in the middle of the island. I camped here and watched the sunrise in the morning

I explored the island on my bike

Fishing seems to be the main thing round here. This was the village of O Grove

And there’s another island coming off this island connected with a bridge

So I biked across and watched the sunset

The next day I took the coastal road south headed to Portugal

9. Via Baiona – A small town with a medieval castle

10. And through Oia

At this point, the weather quickly changed and it was wet and very windy

11. The last stop before Portugal – A Gaurda

I camped on top of this big hill – Santa Tecla. I thought the van was going to tip over in the wind. I drove back down at 3am

Around this whole hill are remains of an iron age settlement

Over there, across the River Minho, is Portugal. That’s where I go now

This whole part of Spain is great to explore. Good coast, food, mountains and… everything really.

I’m looking forward to Portugal, but now I have less than 2 weeks because I’m meeting my family in Morocco at the end of the month