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Living and travelling... in a van / Re: Vanlife Tips
« Last post by Camper_Dan on Today at 04:21:39 PM »

Your site is very difficult to read with so many ads (50+)!  It's also just plain too busy with side bars on both sides.  Enlarging it enough to make the text readable causes readers to scroll right and left for each line.  On most sites, my browser will handle everything automatically to enlarge the text with proper word wrapping to make it easily readable, but your site is so busy my browser seems unable to do  it's job.

Why not copy and paste your content here, you can get honest feedback about your ideas and make it easier for everyone, then you can add a link to your site at the bottom as the source.

Van Conversion / https://www.myfitnesspharm.com/
« Last post by hifergicben on Today at 01:10:36 PM »

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Common Room / Re: CBD vs. pills
« Last post by Bohemivan on June 17, 2019, 10:12:26 PM »
Hi everyone :)
I have a question regarding the newest cannabis policy in the US. I use CBD pills to cure my anxiety. I've compared CBD vs pills many times and I prefer the natural solutions. I would like to take those pills with me to US, but I don't know if it would be legal to have them with me when crossing the border (I'm travelling from Canada). Have any of you tried taking such pills with them while travelling?

I suffer from anxiety too. I once tried CBD tablets but they made me feel really weird, which made me even more anxious.

Try lavender oil and camomile tea. Also getting your breathing right helps. Focus on breathing in for longer than normal and breathing out for even longer.
Living and travelling... in a van / Vanlife Tips
« Last post by Bohemivan on June 17, 2019, 10:10:02 PM »
Hi there,

I've just got back from an eighteen month campervan tour of the south of Spain having lived in Spain for over a decade.

I have lots of vanlife tips here... https://www.bohemivan.com/2019/06/vanlife-tips.html

They might seem like insignificant things but, trust me, when you're living fulltime vanlife, these little things can be massive irritations if you don't get them right. I learnt from trial and error.

Van Conversion / Re: Bohemivan Mk 1 - T25 bus turned into a modular campervan
« Last post by Bohemivan on June 17, 2019, 09:57:37 PM »
Hi there , you've done a lovely job of that , I hope you have lovely times on your travels , chris 👍😉

Hi there. I was away for eighteen months. I got back to the UK last November and bought a house. I still have the van and I'm now working hard on my Bohemivan website plus my new online vintage shop.

'Loves times'.....not sure about that. It was an experience! The south of Spain is nothing to get excited about so it was quite disappointing. I'm really looking forward to vanlife in the UK.
Van Conversion / Re: Bohemivan Mk 1 - T25 bus turned into a modular campervan
« Last post by Bohemivan on June 17, 2019, 09:54:08 PM »

You might want to add solar film to all of your back windows, it will help out even more with the sun, and not obstruct your view from the inside during the day, but looks like a mirror from the outside.

A cheap but effective trick I learned, is that those el cheapo mylar emergency blankets are actually not opaque, but see through.  They will stick to your windows  with just a spritz of water.  With a spatula, it is super easy to get any air bubbles out.  From the inside, it just like the windows are tinted.  At night, if you have lights on at night, people can still see in, so you'll want to use your curtains too, but during the day it can make a huge difference in your indoor temperatures.

I am really concerned with your rooftop water plan.  Baffles are good, but even just 5 gallons of water is going to add 40 pounds of weight up there.  I can't remember the exact equation, but that much weight up high, translates into much more weight, during turns etc.  Baffles can combat the moving water syndrome, but doesn't improve on the sheer high weight or the pendulum effect it can cause.  Vans can tend to be a little top heavy to begin with, and the best way to make them handle better is to keep all of weight low in the vehicle.  On a previous van, adding solar panels to my van had a very negative effect in the van's handling.

I am a firm believer in not needing batteries or power of any kind for water delivery.  Being frugal with both power and water, is always a wise choice, and not even an inconvenience once you get used to it.

Best Wishes, always!

Hi there. Been a long time! Are you still here?

I've recently moved back to the UK after living in Spain and then traveling in my van for a year and a half.

In the end, I got a water tank fitted to the underneath of my van with a pump and accumulated underneath too. It works really well and, even when the tank is full, I don't notice any weight difference when driving.

While we were traveling, having hot water wasn't a big issue. I would often stand in the wash basin outside of the van and just pour a bottle of water over myself. We swam in the sea most days too. During the winter, it was hard having to wash my hair in cold water...I must admit! Luckily, there were plenty of swimming pools we could use every few days.

Van Conversion / Re: CTEK 250S
« Last post by Camper_Dan on June 16, 2019, 03:56:59 PM »

You'll have to check the manual to see what those lights mean.

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Van Conversion / Re: CTEK 250S
« Last post by romantheunreliable on June 15, 2019, 11:51:26 PM »
well the light in flinkerin green when the engine is off, while two yellow lights are on when the motior is running :)
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