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One simple way to get free food whilst travelling

10 months into my travels and I continue to be amazed by what is possible when it comes to getting free food…


Saturdays and Wednesdays are market days. Someone shouts, “market mission! Lets gooooo” We race down the hill on our bikes to catch the end of the market at 2pm.

How do we get all this food for free?

We walk through the market, just as they are packing away, and ask if there’s any food that they’re throwing away (there’s a fair bit). Sometimes they fill bags up for us and other times they just point towards a box behind the stall with damaged groceries.

Sometimes there’s a fair lot of food just left on the floor, which we’ll collect

5 tips for getting free food from the market:

  1. Smile, laugh and talk to the locals
  2. Offer to help with clearing up
  3. Ask if you can take something from the floor
  4. Go often so people recognise you. They may put some side for you for next time
  5. Show gratefulness for every little bit of food. Shout, laugh, cheer and thank the market stall people
  6. Just be nice. These people are here to sell produce and make a living. People collecting free food could get annoying.

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This will last us a good few days! nothing is wasted

How do you feel about this? I don’t think I’d like to do it for a long time unless I was helping in some way to give a bit back in return. Please share your thoughts in the comments

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