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From Van to Home ebook available now

Alright, here it is. This is what I’ve spent the past few months doing: my first book, From Van to Home: how I made an old rusty van into my cosy off-grid home. This has been quite a lot of work and I’m really proud of it.

So if you want to do something similar to what I’ve done (make a van into your home) then this book is for you. You can read more about it in the link below.

Get it now

The ebook is available now for instant download on Gumroad – they have a really quick and easy checkout using card or PayPal. Get your copy here


Thanks for being patient with my slow replies and blog posts over the past few months. Hopefully you’ll see why when you look inside this book.

If you’d like to review this book for your blog or website then please give me an email.
If you can help me by spreading the word about this book, I’d be massively grateful to you.
And as always, I welcome any suggestions in the comments.