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Glastonbury 2016 by campervan – Europe’s biggest, filthiest and muddiest festival

I’ve never really been to a proper English festival. But Glastonbury has to be about as British as it gets – rain, mud and…

This festival is just too big to show you. But here are some pictures anyway:

We queued for 8 hours

And met up with the Blue Bus

See their amazing bus in my other post: This bus will make you want to live in a bus

We did our hair and makeup

Because our faces don’t match our tickets

To paradise

Here’s how Felix does it…

The festival is in Somerset, England

It’s been going since the 70s

1000 acres of festival

To put the size in perspective

The red line marks how much space Glastonbury festival would take up in central London

A perimeter of 8.5 miles

It has some amazing installations

And performing arts

Here are some more photos…

There’s a Glastonbury newspaper

They’re all printed on that vintage heidelberg printing press in the corner

And a post office to send a postcards home

2016 was the muddiest year yet

Michael Evais (the landowner) says it’s because of global warming

Hundreds of tractors have to tow vans in and out

Here are some more mud photos…

There’s just one rule of the festival: leave no trace

photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

And that was with 40000 bins

I feel like there’s a message here…

What do you reckon?

Glastonbury is just… HUGE. The lineup of acts is crazily overwhelming. It’s like loads of festivals in one. It can take an hour to walk from one side to the other. For me, it’s all the small things that make this festival unique. Get rid of the big acts and the main stage and get more bins = perfect. What do you reckon?