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Goodbye Berlin – one last party – In the woods – with a guy I met in the street

The day Finn left, I bumped into Nico in the park (see post on the airport park here). I randomly met him the week before on the street in Berlin. So we hung out for the weekend and went to a party in the woods. Here are the photos:

I met this guy in Berlin

We went to a party

It was in the woods

It’s mainly Berliners

They have the best parties

Really good people

And really good music

I liked the lockpicking workshop

And this beatbox ska band

And this fire

I like these smaller free-party kind of festivals. This wasn’t an advertised festival and It wasn’t online. As far as I know it was just word of mouth…. including the location – good to know the local vandwellers 🙂

So a really good end to my stay in Berlin. I met so many cool people in this city and I know I’ll be back…