Vandog Traveller

Jumping out of a plane at 14000ft with Chris, a follower of the blog

Whilst travelling through Portugal in the van I got a message from Chris, a follower of the blog. He said to come to stop by in Alvor in the Algarve. He also said that maybe we can do a sky dive. He meant what what he said.

Meet Chris, from Scotland

And Marcus from Manchester. They’re mad about skydiving

Chris took me to do a tandem skydive!

Meet Fred. I’ll be strapped to him

We climbed to 14000 feet in a small plane

The brain does not want you to step out of this door

This face is pure nerves…

But this face is pure joy…

60 seconds of freefall reaching 125mph

It’s a crazy, amazing but (surprisingly) nice feeling

This was christmas eve. What a Christmas present!

One of the things that makes me buzz about having a blog is when I get to meet people (you) who follow it. But when a follower of the blog takes me to do a skydive in the south of Portugal… it was just totally surreal and an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

Thank you Chris

If you ever see this guy, high five him, hug him and buy him a drink because he’s simply awesome!

And thank you Skydive Algarve

This was an amazing spot to do it and the staff are really cool. Recommended! Here’s the video (thanks Marcus for getting a great shot):

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you have nice food and some nice chill time