VIDEO: Can I leave the UK? How to escape the island by campervan

How easy is it to leave the UK right now by campervan?

I couldn’t seem to get any consistent answers or information despite my research. Despite my phone calls with the Dutch, German, British and Swedish embassy. And the ferry operators.

Sometimes the only way to find an answer is see for yourself, and that’s what this video is about.

In this video you’ll get a glimpse of how I left the UK in my van, to travel to Sweden. Along the way I try to make sense of all the post-pandemic and post-Brexit restrictions; conflicting, confusing and seemingly illogical information and regulations.

What’s your experience with this post pandemic stuff? are you still waiting/hoping to travel? or maybe you’re travelling now? Share your thoughts, feelings, questions in the comments.

And stay tuned for the Sweden adventure!

Also see this post: Living on Land – is this what we need right now?

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