Vandog Traveller

He lives in a tent and makes guitars – catching up with Christian

Remember over winter in Athens when I met Christian who travelled Europe on a bike with his DIY fold up guitar? – see this post

I need to show you what he’s up to now, 9 months later. Me and Finn were in Leipzig and went to visit him. He’s an inspiration…

He left a message on the van

The umbrella is his stamp

We went to his house. He lives in a tent

We spent the night by the lake and cooked dinner on the fire

We visited him at work the next day

He’s a luthier. He makes and repairs guitars

But first he had to make the workshop

And then he had to make the tools

And then it’s over 300 hours of work to make one guitar

It’s a lot of work

So much precision, care and patience goes into every little part

This stamp goes on all of his stuff

It will be difficult to look at a guitar the same again

So he lives in his canvas tent and works full time as a luthier. Christian has to be one of the most resourceful, funkiest, diyest guys I’ve met.

It was so cool to hang out in Germany with two of the friends I met at two completely stages of my travels – Finn from last summer in Hungary and Christian last winter in Athens. We reminisced about the good times we had over winter at the Jedi academy – see this post if you missed it.