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Van tour: Mike and Sophie from Relaxedpace

I left the Peloponnese (see best bits) and met with some other vanners: Mike (from L.A.) and Sophie (from London). They spent last Summer in England converting their van, and are finally on the road…

I think these two were the first actual readers of this blog, like a year ago. It was really good to finally meet you both… near this nice bridge… in Greece.

On the road since: December. Coming from: Morocco. Going to: Norway

Their van

The van is a 15 year old Hyundai H200. They’ve done such a good job with this small space. It’s all properly insulated with water and electrical system. There’s even a toaster, a kettle and a nice photo editing setup
The bed folds out to the full width of the van. The ceiling is my favourite
My second favourite thing is the secret screen–a big computer screen behind the fold down table used for processing photos. Am I allowed to tell people? want one

Hanging out

We were neighbours for the day so we went back to mine…
Sophie cooked some great food. She used an actual blender to make hummus! Once, me and Finn spent a full afternoon making hummus using a spoon
We camped here for the night. By the bridge. Really nice spot. A bird flew past
Mike (left) and me (right) Mike–he’s won a Guinness world record for these jumps shots
Thanks for the drawing. Exactly what I was thinking

I love to meet such talented people–astray from an office and doing their own thing. These two are massive wanders, who have been all over the world. Compared to these two, I haven’t even left the house… oh yeah, it’s on wheels though

Sophie’s thing: Makes nice music with really dreamy vocals (I was listening to this whilst converting my van) – A music video – I can’t get enough of this sound.

Mike’s thing: Makes films and takes nice photographs. He produced and edited a feature length documentary on the Burning man festival, “as the dust settles” (here) and now working on compiling his “jumping book” which will feature his best jump shots, taken from all around the world.

More of their photos and adventures on their blog: Relaxed Pace

See you both again on another road

Note: Maybe this can be the start of a “meet the others” series…? Or should it be “meet the vanners” ?