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3 months in morocco by campervan – Here’s what I did

I got to Morocco in my van and wanted to leave after one week.

But then I just totally lost track of time and before I knew it my 3 month visa was up and I didn’t want to leave. Here’s what I did travelling Morocco in my van (and a round up of the Morocco posts):

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I got the ferry to Morocco on Christmas day

I met my family for new year

We went into the Atlas Mountains

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The van broke down

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I dropped family off in Marrakech. I spent a few days exploring

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Then to Essaouria

See: Exploring Essaouira – 33 photos of this amazing town on the west coast of Morocco

I met some cool people and stayed for a couple of weeks

And then to Sidi Kaouki

See: Sidi Kaouki beach on the west coast of Morocco

I met some good van neighbours

This guy delivered bread and fish every morning

We played music every day and I learnt loads about African music

I did this for 3 weeks. See post: Video: playing (and learning) music of West Africa – drums and balafon

I carried on going south and picked up some hitchhikers

They brought me to Taghazout. We hung out for a couple of days

I continued to Tifnit and Mirleft

I was having trouble with camping. So much space but Police kept moving me on

And took some small mountain roads inland

There seemed to be less of a problem with wildcamping the more inland I went

I got to Tafraoute. This is where all the vans are!

See: The valley of the vans in Tafraoute, Morocco

I picked up Leah. She stayed for 8 days in the van

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We surfed in Taghazout

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Explored some roads like this…

And camped at the blue rocks near Tafraoute

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Then I picked Mona up and went to Ait Benhaddou

This is where they filmed Gladiator and loads of other films

We took detours through palm groves

We picked up this guy, Abdoul

Trekked into the Sahara Desert on camels

We had one night in the desert. See post: The Sahara desert by campervan and camel

And back up through Todra gorge

I had to start going back up north. 3 days till my visa ran out

We found this lake with snow and mountains

This is was in the Middle Atlas region. Amazing to go from desert to snow! See post: Morocco’s Middle Atlas and a nice camping spot by a lake

And met some wild monkeys in the nearby Cedar Forest

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Quick stop in Fez

I got an authentic blanket buying experience

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And got some new music

I played him recordings of music I’d heard around Morocco. I spent over an hour buying CDs

Stopped at the blue town Chefchaoen

A nice looking fortress town in the Rif Mountains

It was just a few hours before my visa ran out. I drove north

The land started to turn green and it started to feel like Europe

I got the ferry back to Algeciras, Spain

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This was my route – total of 2400 miles

Morocco was an amazing place to spend winter in my van

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And as usual feel free to share your experience, tips and help in the comments below. Oh and please share if you like this post 🙂