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Morocco’s Middle Atlas and a nice camping spot by a lake

Morocco is a country that goes from dry hot desert to alpine freshness in a few hundred km!

I found this nice lake whilst driving north though the Middle Atlas of Morocco and thought I’d share it with you – location at the end. The Middle Atlas region (photos below) is the opposite extreme to the hot, dry desert where I just came from. See desert post first if you haven’t already: The Sahara Desert by campervan and camel

Driving through the Middle Atlas region of Morocco

There’s a dirt track off the main road

It leads to a nice camping spot

By this lake

With rivers and streams

This region is home to the Atlas Cedar tree

Also see: Finding Morocco’s wild monkeys in the Middle Atlas

There are wild mules

And horses

It’s been a while since I saw snow

Here’s the location:

The lake is called Lac Aguelmame Sidi Ali. Coordinates: N 32 47.566 W 4 47.911

If you’re in a van I recommend this part of Morocco. Amazing scenery and land. Also, the very few tourists around here seemed to be mainly Moroccan. No one hassles you! … until Fez