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A tour of Plitvička national park, Croatia in 10 photos

This is largest national park in Croatia. It covers an area of 185 sq. miles. This place is well known for it’s 16 cascading lakes and dramatic waterfalls. I also went to the Krka national park – see this post

Here’s my tour of the Plitvicka national park in 10 photos. Ready?

Let’s go down here

The water is so clear

There are loads of waterfalls

You can walk right next to them

On wooden walkways

There are 20 lakes in total

There are some alternative paths

With caves and stuff

But it’s the water I like

It’s like… Emerald glass. And the fish come right up to you

Vandog tip: Avoid the crowds and get free parking

These kinds of places are way better when you’re on your own (I think) – I mean without all the crowds. Most people seem to come in the morning and it gets really really busy. But everyone seems to clear off in the late afternoon. I went into the park at about 6pm and only saw a few people – that’s in mid June. It’s also cooler and the light is more interesting for photos at this time. So don’t rush to avoid the crowds; arrive late and enjoy the park.

Also, if you leave the carpark after 7pm, the parking is free and they don’t bother charging you – the guy in the hut told me.

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