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Portugal by van – my journey in 20 photos

I spent 11 days driving north to south through Portugal in my van. I love this country and it has to be one of the most van friendly countries I’ve been to!

Here’s my journey through in 20 photos, driving from north to south:

Exploring Porto

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A stop over in Coimbra

A nice historic town built down the side of a hill on the bank of the River Mondego and home to one of the oldest universities in Europe

Through the forest

To the coast

This is the town of Nazaré. This is right near where the biggest wave (nearly 100ft) ever surfed was a few years ago

I spotted some vans

Just in time for sunset

I stayed the night. I can’t miss this sun rise…

Living like this makes me love getting up early in the morning. I’ve learnt how watching the sun rise completely changes the whole day.

Surfing is the main thing around here

This guy is an architect but he also lives in his van, travels and surfs

I moved along the coast to Baleal

And down to Peniche

Another amazing bit of Portuguese coast

These huge beaches have to be some of the cleanest and nicest I’ve ever seen… and the waves are huge

Now to the town of Sintra

I did a separate post on this. See Exploring the slightly surreal town of Sintra

A quick stop in Lisbon

I camped here

Right in front of the Rua Augusta Arch

I continued south via some backroads

I found this lake

This was just north of Odiáxere

So I camped here for the night

Then in the morning I met chris, he’s a follower of the blog

We jumped out of a plane at 14000 feet

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I camped under the stars thinking about what the hell just happened

And the next day (Christmas day) I got a ferry to Morocco

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Portugal, I will be back

I was surprised how much warmer Portugal was than Greece, where I spent last winter. I didn’t have to use my heater once and could easily get up before sun rise.

Feel free to share your favourite places and spots in Portugal below in the comments. And thanks to the people who suggested some of these great places above