Rebuilding my van-home

Woah, that was a long detour: I dismantled my whole van conversion just to get a bit of welding done in the floor.

And then I had to put it all back together again. That’s what this post is about

See the previous post: Dismantling my entire van-home

If you’re ever in a similar position with your van (needing some welding done), hopefully this gives you a bit of hope that things can be repaired, even if you have to remove everything from the van…

Video – rebuilding my van conversion

I prepared the van and handed it over to the welder

A couple of welders later: new metal and a painted floor

I started the reassembly

But some things didn’t fit exactly how they used to

It was quicker to remake the whole bathroom from scratch

So… up goes the stud frame

Using my own book for reference

Taking care to make sure everything fitted just right

That’s the bathroom in

That’s the Kitchen in

Everything else went back quite easily

Sofabed in – and the utility cupboard (between bathroom and kitchen)

I had to rewire a couple of things

And reinstall the heater

And a bit of fresh paint

Chest of drawers and office in (back left)

And finally, furnishing back in – van finished


Back on the road

Down there!

Was that worth it?

Yes! Or least I think so. Maybe at this point some people would get a new van?

But I don’t want a new van. This one is brilliant. It’s reliable, runs well and I know it inside out. As for the living space, it’s optimal for me and there’s really nothing I’d change.

So I hope this post gives a bit of hope and encouragement to anyone facing similar issues, having to get rust repaired in the floor.

And thank you to those who offered help and support over those couple of months 🙂

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