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Van conversion products: van preparation

Here are the products I used and recommend for preparation stages of my van conversion.

Note: these are affiliate links, which means you’ll be helping me if you buy using these links. Thank you!

Hammerite under body seal

Gives heavy duty protection to the areas underneath of your vehicle that are prone to corrosion. I used this for the whole floor area and the wheel arches. It’s really tough and has a gummy feel to it when set.

Waxoyl rustproofing

A powerful rust killer and and also prevents further rust. This is mainly used in the difficult to reach and hidden areas like the inside of box sections and doors for example.

Hammerite metal paint

Quality and tough metal paint that will protect metal for years to come. I used a lot of this on my van, for inside and out.

Aquasteel rust converter

This chemically converts the rust and forms a protective chemical barrier. This is probably the best stuff available. It’s used on vessels and legs of oil platforms. I used a lot of this on my van.

Fibreglass kit

This is the fibreglass kit I used to fix rust holes in my van and also to fix water leaks. It can be used for so many things. I used two of these kits and then an extra bottle of resin. The kit comes with everything you need

Wire brush set – drill attachments

Saves a lot of time removing loose paint and flaky rust before treating and painting. I bought this set with different sizes, to reach every little corner

Protective glasses

Removing rust is a horrible job. It will get in your eyes if you don’t get glasses. Get glasses! trust me.

Paint brushes

I always got these cheap paint brushes unless I’m trying to do a really neat paint job. Otherwise, these are perfect for slapping on rust converter, under sealer and metal paint etc.

Tarpaulin sheet

I said it was messy. Two of these sheets will save you a lot of time having to scrape paint off the floor.