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The Sahara desert by campervan and camel

We wanted to go to the Sahara desert (Morocco) so we got in the van and drove there. We didn’t plan anything but it all worked out well. Here’s what happened:

We picked this guy up, Abdoul

I was with Mona (from Germany – she was on the blog last summer here). We stopped to buy water and he asked if we wanted to go to the desert. We said yeah

We drove to the village of M’hammd

This is a small village where the road ends and the Sahara begins. It’s one of two main places to access the desert – the other is Merzouga which apparently is better but more touristy. Have you been to Merzouga? let us know in the comments

The village ends and the desert begins

Attention Desert!

We went a few km down a dirt track

Until there it was just sand

Abdul has a place here that he built

We got our desert wear on

And packed some stuff to spend a night in the desert

Abdul called his mate who came with some camels

And we trekked into the desert

We had tea

Abdoul cooked dinner on the fire

We slept outside on blankets

The space was so massive yet so quiet. It felt like I was in a room. Falling to sleep like this was really really cool and I had a great night’s sleep

And woke up with the sun rise


This is a sand dune

These are sand ripples made by the wind

Have you ever heard of the book The Physics of Blown Sand and Desert Dunes by Ralph Alger Bagnold ?

We trekked a bit more on the camels

And then headed back

To Abdouls place for tea and an Arabic lesson

How to go to the desert when you’re in Morocco

Like most places in Morocco, you can just turn up and someone will be there eager to help sort out what ever it is you want. Or you could go to any of the many agency/shops in Zagora, M’hammid or Merzouga. Or if you want avoid all the chat and annoyance of bartering you could go to any hotel and ask them to arrange something for you.

Abdoul runs a small tour business. He has a page on Tripadvisor (here) where you can also get in touch with him and make arrangements.

I was limited for time but next time I’d like to stay in the desert for at least several days and visit the huge Erg Chebbi dunes and also see the stars when there is no moon.

The desert is really like no other place

It has a silence to it that I’ve never heard before. I know the silence in the mountains and in forests and all the other places where there are no humans but the desert is different. Recommended!

Have you been to Morocco and the Sahara? Share tips, experience and recommendations in the comments.

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