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Summer 2015 living and travelling Europe in a van – Part 2

This is part 2 of my vanlife summer 2015. See part 1 here

We left the Czech party with some van friends we’d met from Berlin

And camped along the river in Czech for a couple of weeks

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We had some nice fires

And accidentally saw the peak of the Perseids meteor shower

In morning we swam across the river

And then the van broke down

But I fixed it and we made it back to Germany

See post on Breaking down and fixing it

We stopped in Leipzig and explored some abandoned roof tops

And then I we visited my friend Christian who’s living in a tent

See post: He lives in a tent and makes guitars

We cooked dinner on a fire by the lake

And the next day he showed us how he makes guitars

Now back to Berlin… After one quick synth shop stop

We met more good people and hung out in Berlin a bit more

And then Finn went home. But first we gave each other tattoos

The next day I met this real cool guy, Nico, in the park

We went to a party in the woods and had a reallllly good time

See post on A party in the woods

He went back to Berlin and I went to the Netherlands…

For the PSY-FI festival!

See Photos of the PSY-FI festival – Netherlands

Before travelling I never would have gone to a festival on my own

I met some great people and met some friends from last summer

And then I drove to Brugge to get an overnight ferry to the UK

See post: Pitstop in the UK

So now I’m seeing my friends and family

And giving the van a much needed overhaul

Most of it is fixing up rust and preparing it for another winter – I’ll do a post on this stuff

So I’ve been in the UK for a few weeks now. I’ve got a lot done that I wanted to do but the van still has a fair bit of work that needs doing.

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