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Summer 2015 living and travelling Europe in a van – Part 1

Alright summer is definitely over now so I thought I’d do a roundup post of summer 2015 spent living in my van and travelling Europe – my second summer in the van. It’s quite long (over 50 photos) so I split it into in 2 parts. The second part is here

I was in Greece. It was getting warm so I started to go slowly north

I put together a photo gallery: Driving north through Greece

I’d spent all of Spring writing the ebook. I promised myself a good summer

I found some really nice places to camp

See post on Lefkada the island for vans

And went to the best beach I have ever been to!

See post on Porto Katsiki

I was on my own. With all this space

The days were getting longer

See more photos on My bike ride on the sea

I can shower outside now

See post on The DIY bottle shower

I ran all the way to the top top of Vikos Gorge

See my post on Vikos Gorge

And explored northern Greece

Then my friend Matt from the UK came to see me

We drove through Kosovo and were amazed at its beauty

Oh and we met this guy who lives on the river bed

See post on Living on a DIY riverbed island

But we carried on driving north into Montenegro

The whole country is like this…

See post on A tour through Montenegro

We tried to row across lake Skadar to Albania but instead we found this old prison

See post on The biggest lake in Balkans and trying to row to Albania

We got to Croatia

See the Croatia photo gallery

And fried eggs on a kayak

See post on The Kayak lunch

The good wildcamping spots are harder to find here but they are worth it

We found some nice hidden spots on the Croatian coast

Matt went back to England after 3 weeks. I kept exploring Croatia

I went to Pag Island – see this post

This was in Plitvika national park, Croatia

See my post on A tour of Plitvika national park – really nice place!

But the festivals were calling. I started with Samsara festival in Hungary

See post: Photos from Samsara festival

These are the summers I always dreamt about

Meeting other travellers and van people

And making new friends

Time for another festival: Freqs of nature, Germany

See Freqs of nature festival in 15 photographs

I finally got to go to the city I always wanted to go to: Berlin

See post: Welcome to Berlin – findings from my bike ride

I set up camp with the other vans on a van street

See more of this street in this post: Meet the neighbours

My friend Finn (from last summer) got a 24hr bus from England to meet me in Berlin. He brought new music!

But we still try to make our own

We went to Woodstock festival in Poland

See my 15 photos from Poland’s huge free festival

And then to Czech Republic to find a party in some abandoned army base

See post here

Continued in part 2 here