Sweden by campervan: an Arctic adventure

Join me on this journey through Sweden in a campervan…

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It took a couple of boats to get here

23 hours later I was in Sweden

Sarah was waiting

woman waiting on beach

She’d show me her home country of Sweden

driving into the swedish woodland to camp in a van

We camped amongst the trees

camping in a van in autumn

And by the lakes

swedish lake with mist and sunset and boat in foreground

It’s autumn in Sweden

exploring sweden by van in autumn

The nature is rearranging

pine cone on woodland floor

Animals preparing

Colours changing by the day

Mushrooms growing by the minute

four common mushrooms found in sweden

Choose your dinner

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collecting mushrooms for dinner

Choose your view

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waterfall at sunset

Autumn fades as we head north 

camping in van in misty woodland at the end of autumn

Crossing into the Arctic Circle

man driving into arctic sunset in sweden

Mountains appear in every window

view of kebnekaise mountains from inside van cab through windows

It’s the end of the road

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Swedish wilderness awaits

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campfire in swedish lapland Abisko national park

Stay outside to experience the aurora

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watching aurora from campervan

Home to Sweden’s largest mountain

kebnekaise mountain range with pine trees and lake in foreground

The weather went from this…

sweden's clear bright weather

To this, in just one day 

It all turned into crystal

campervan in the snow and ice

Winter is here

driving on icey roads in arctic north sweden

This is when it’s time to leave

campervan driver struggling on snow road in Sweden

We drove south until we got out of the snow

driving on icey snow roads in north of sweden

To the shelter of the forest

camping in van in swedish woodland with snow

The safety of the city (Stockholm)

a view of stockholm, sweden

To find colourful skies once again

view through campervan windscreen at colourful sunset

Here’s the route, travelling Sweden by campervan

sweden by campervan route

That was a fun one. Thanks for getting to the end 🙂 share this with anyone you think might enjoy it.

This is the 2nd time I’ve ventured north to the Arctic Circle in my 20 year old ‘worst van ever made’. Also see: Norway by campervan – best bits

Have you been to Sweden? share your experiences, thoughts in the comments 👇

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