Vandog Traveller

The biggest lake in the Balkans and trying to row to Albania

This was the plan:

  1. Get inflatable boat
  2. Get music
  3. Row to Albania

It didn’t work. The lake was much bigger in real life. The sun went down. It was too windy

From end to end this lake is just under 50km – it’s the biggest lake in the Balkans. This is Lake Skadar in the south of Montenegro (see tour of Montenegro post here)

Here was our day in 7 photos:

We will row to Albania

It’s rougher than it looked

But we found this island

It used to be a prison

It’s nicknamed the Montenegrin Alcatraz. It was a prison for serious offenders (the ones who couldn’t swim) in the late 1800s. It was partly destroyed by a strong earthquake in 1905. I only just found this out!

Rowing is hard work

Home time

Goodnight lake Skadar