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The story from Greece (by campervan) in 29 pictures

This is the last Greece post! It’s the story from the past 7 months. Also see the other post on 13 reasons why I love Greece here

It was too cold in Bulgaria

I drove all night until I got to Greece. The guy at the border asked me where I was going. I didn’t know. I said “south”

and then to Athens

I spent days exploring every corner and alleyway on my bike. See post

I found this place called The Jedi Academy

I stayed for 6 weeks. There was music, fire, blankets, animals and amazing people. See post

These people

and Christian, who travels on his bike with a DIY fold up guitar

Meet him (and his guitar) here

We built a trapeze

And juggled fire

We did busking missions into the city

See post

And food missions to the village

There was no electricity

just candles, instruments and people

but one night…

For a treat we got a PA system and powered it from my van using a big cable. We had a party

and there was that morning

and those winter sunsets

and that party in the squatted theatre

see post

Then my family came to meet me

I cooked for us all in the van

We went to Santorini

See post

and spent Christmas day on the beach

See post

During this time, the blog was spreading fast

I was featured on several big websites–including the Guardian–which got me some money to keep me on the road a bit longer. See post

My family went back to England and I went back to the Jedi academy

but it was the end. We loaded the vans up and moved all the stuff

To a new location

I ended up staying for 2 months

See post

and then I met Marti

She commented on the blog and I went to meet her in Athens. We drank a bottle of wine on the hill and talked about how they should teach dreaming at school. See post

So I spent 10 days in a flat in the middle of Athens

I used all the luxury home gadgets like the hair drier, kettle and a real bed. See post

She left her flat and job and we explored the Peloponnese

See the best bits in this post

We celebrated my one year living in a van

See post

Marti went to Italy and I went north

But I didn’t know where

The next day I met with Sophie and Mike from Relaxedpace

Meet them in this post

Then I got a message from my friend

Yesss! See post. So I go to Macedonia

But one last stop: vikos gorge

See post

And all during all of this…

I’ve been working on a project, which I’m pretty excited about. I will announce it soon 🙂

So it’s goodbye Greece

There were points I was just fully swept away in to the flow of things. I’ve never felt time going this fast before. It’s been 7 months in one country, but what a journey!

Thanks for having me