Vandog Traveller

Van conversion products: electrical system

CTEK smart charger

I keep this in my van and use it for mains charging when I hook up my van to a mains outlet. It’s not cheap but is probably the best mains charger available. This is the 25A model for battery banks up to 500Ah. It also has a battery recondition mode to help prolong the life of your batteries.

Isolation switch

These are nice big heavy duty switches designed for 12V automotive and marine applications. I use two of these: one for the main switch from my batteries and another for cutting off the split charge voltage (since it’s only for back up).

12 way fusebox

This is a good fusebox if you have many appliances, but may be overkill if you just want to connect a few things. It is nice and easy to work with though because of it’s size, and allows room for future expansion if you need it. This is the one I use in my van

Wire (different sizes and colour)

Copper wire (multstrand) designed for automotive use. Select size, colour and length. You’ll need to select the size (thickness) depending on the length and load using this online cable sizing calculator


Midi fuse holder

Used for the main battery fuse. I used two of these, one for each battery. They should be mounted immediately after the battery terminal. Accepts strip link midi fuses. Mounting holes are provided.


Midi fuse 30A

To fit the midi fuse holder above.


MPPT solar charger controller

This is not the charge controller I have. This is a proper MPPT high efficiency controller with LCD display. I made the mistake of buying a fake (and cheap) MPPT controller from Ebay. This is the one I should have bought!

100W solar Panel

I have two of these 100w panels and it’s easily enough to power everything in my van (even through winter). I power, fridge, pump, sound system, laptop (sometimes two), chargers, lights. These are designed for permanent outdoor use and will last for years and years.

MC4 connectors (pair)

The standard connector used to connect solar panels. You need one pair (male and female) per solar panel – male positive and female negative.

MC4 T-branch connectors (pair)

You will need a pair of these T-branches for connecting two (or more) solar panels together. I made this connection on the roof of my van – where the 4 cables from the two solar panels are connected in parallel using these branch connectors (one male and one female)

Pure sine wave inverter 600W

Lets you run mains powered (240V) appliances from the 12V system in your van. I upgraded to a pure sine wave inverter after my other (cheap modified sine inverter) destroyed my computer charger. Pure sine is definitely the way to go if you want to power expensive electronics without damaging them. I use mine for my computer and camera charger.