Vandog Traveller

Van conversion products: gas system

11kg direct fill refillable gas cylinder

This is the refillable gas tank I have in my van. I just open the side door of my van and fill it directly from the fuel station LPG pump. Works great and I’ve never had a problem. I bought this directly from Gaslow (in the link) but I’m sure the price has since gone up so it might be worth checking eBay or amazon also. Anyway, this is well worth it for the convenience and money you save on gas.

This comes with a 37mbar regulator, bayonet fill adapter (for UK), fill gauge and 10 year warranty.

8mm LPG gas pipe

This is what I connected everything with. It fits tightly over barbed connectors and is secured with a jubilee clip

4 way gas manifold

This is what I used to distribute the gas. The output of the gas regulator (on the cylinder) connects to this and then splits off to each appliance–water heater, cooker, gas heater etc. Each output can be individually shut off which is useful. Also gives room for expansion in case you want to easily add another gas appliance.

Gas drop vent

I installed one of these in the floor next to my gas cylinder. The idea is that if there is any gas leak, it will drop through the hole (because it’s heavier than air), and so there will be no build up of gas.

LPG filler adapter kit

It works out cheaper to get the kit. This is the one I have. All 3 come in a zip bag and screw onto the UK bayonet fitting that comes with the Gaslow tank.

Update: I’ve just found an even cheaper LPG adapter kit here. This isn’t the one I used so cant really recommend it but I’m sure these things are probably made in the same factory anyway.